Your weekly horoscope for 5 to 11 January

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.

Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


This weekend’s partial solar eclipse signals a fresh phase in your career and general direction as you sail into 2019. Be ready to transform these vital areas of your life. Avoid jumping to conclusions midweek but be ready to discuss your ideas.


Some tricky conversations needn’t detract from the revitalising sense that you can turn an important corner this year. For April Bulls, change will involve an exciting venture, project or trip; and for May Bulls, the chance to boost your relationships.


Energetic Mars in your career zone will introduce you to fresh ideas and projects. Be adaptable and ready to make agreements and to negotiate as new arrangements and opportunities arise. You’ll turn a corner with a partnership, business or personal.


This is an important week in your partnerships, especially if you were born around 6 July. You will begin a new chapter in an agreement – business or personal. You can make a deep commitment, but must be sure of all the terms.


Prepare for a fresh chapter in your personal life, as developments will make it clear where you stand. Avoid impulsiveness, especially midweek. For July Leos, a new, stabilising daily routine at work or regarding health is on the cards.


You will be ready to turn a page in a personal situation, to make a commitment to someone, or to making changes domestically. This is a good week to deepen relationships, although you may prefer to move on from some. Avoid rash moves.


This weekend’s partial solar eclipse spells changes at home. You may wish to make a deeper commitment to someone, an idea or a move. Visitors or a trip may spell a change of dynamic. Avoid erratic drivers, slips and bumps midweek.


A change of environment will spotlight your commitment to someone and romance could blossom this weekend. Take decisions carefully, as you may feel under pressure, especially midweek. Mid-November Scorpios must avoid gambling, emotionally and financially. 


Be prepared to look at your finances in a new light, as this weekend’s partial solar eclipse will spotlight where your budget could work better. Your relationships should blossom, unless you succumb to pressures at home. Find the time to relax.


This weekend’s partial solar eclipse will be in your sign, and signals the chance to reinvent yourself; to revitalise and refresh your work life, too. For birthday Capricorns, this is an especially potent week for change, especially in your personal life.


A fresh work and health routine puts you in a strong position to enjoy an increasingly stable and secure year. If you feel stuck in a routine you’ve outgrown, this weekend’s eclipse will help you get out of the rut. Avoid impulsiveness midweek.


You’re ready to embrace adventure in 2019, and there’s no time like the present to begin! A fresh interest, social circle or more involvement in a group or organisation will open doors to a deeper sense of satisfaction. Stay focused midweek, especially.

By Patsy Bennett

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