Your weekly horoscope for 12 to 18 January

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


News at work or regarding a project, trip or study will lead to a fresh understanding or undertaking. Find out more about your involvement with a friend or organisation before making a commitment. When you do, you could make solid progress.


Key talks and meetings will inform you about your best path forward regarding a shared duty or responsibility. You could make great progress with a trip, venture or shared project. You’ll appreciate the help of a partner or an organisation this week.


This week will include important conversations and the chance to make agreements at work, regarding health or a shared duty. Obtain the relevant information that will help you to make informed decisions. Romance could blossom, towards Friday, especially.


An uplifting development that encourages you to make long-lasting change within your personal life will motivate you to broaden your horizons. Ensure you avoid making decisions without the full facts. An intense talk or meeting on Friday will be revealing.


This is a good week to make commitments, be this at work or regarding your own well-being. But to ensure you make the right agreements, you must avoid making assumptions. Key news this weekend and towards Friday will illuminate your best path.


Your creativity and ability to make progress in your chosen field will be in the spotlight this week, as certain agreements, talks and developments will ask that you commit to a venture or at least to an idea. Avoid mix-ups and misunderstandings.


Developments at home or with family will ask that you are practical and that you take your decisions step by step. Ensure you have the facts regarding work and well-being. For some mid-October Librans, a trip may open doors this weekend.


Key developments will ask that you are clear in your conversations and aims, or you risk creating doubt and uncertainty in your personal life, and also potentially financially. You will be ready to make a commitment that should be beneficial.


Venus in your sign will aspect Mars next Friday, bringing a lovely activity centre-stage. You will enjoy a fun family time or romance. Beforehand, avoid misunderstandings or even losses, by focusing on details with key personal and financial matters.


You may experience a particularly eventful – or even intense - week as key decisions and personal or financial activities will take your focus. Pace yourself and ensure you have the facts at your fingertips, especially this weekend, Monday and Friday.


Meetings, discussions and developments this week will ask that you’re super-focused at work, with health or financial matters. You may tend to be seduced by grand plans, and if you remain practical and diligent too, you could scale mountains.


You can make great progress with your favourite activities and projects this week. To ensure you gain a strong foothold in your ventures, you will benefit from research, travel or study. A friend or organisation will have key news for you.

By Patsy Bennett

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