Your weekly horoscope for 8 to 14 December

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.

Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


Take the initiative and research and broaden your knowledge about all aspects of your life. A trip, study or meeting will prove to be revitalising. You can make great headway this week, especially health-wise and at work.


Your connection with a group, organisation or a friend should prove to be particularly beneficial. Work news could point to a new direction. You will gain insight into the best way forward, especially in connection with a partner and health.


This is an excellent week to boost health and wellbeing. Consider a new way to schedule your daily work and activities, as this will prove beneficial for all involved. Be clear about travel and shared duties to avoid misunderstandings.


This is an excellent time to grow new ideas and to broaden horizons, but you must decide on new rules and agreements. Be clear for best results. A development in your personal life, such as with family, may take much of your focus.


A strong relationship may be the focus this week, but if you are often in ‘damage control’, consider discussing new ways to work together most beneficially for both of you. Romance could soar, but you must avoid idealising someone.


Some lovely get-togethers this week will bring you in touch with like-minded people or family. A truly romantic atmosphere will be ideal, but if you are easily influenced, ensure you keep both feet on the ground to avoid being misled.


Key developments to do with work, finances or health should be ideal. But if niggling issues arise, take the time to discuss matters with those involved, as you should be able to make progress now. It’s vital you are super-clear, though.


This is another therapeutic week, which will make your efforts to do with health and even personal development all the more successful. The key to progress now lies in being creative: try something new, and be open to more romance.


The recent Sagittarian New Moon will still resonate, providing the chance to make changes in your personal life; most notably at home and health-wise. Be clear with someone you have a strong connection with, and they should be helpful.


A trip or a get-together should prove particularly therapeutic or bonding. Spiritually minded Capricorns may deepen your beliefs and faith. If you need help, ensure you reach out to someone loyal and reliable, especially concerning domestic matters.


A financial or personal matter is best dealt with diplomatically to avoid disappointments. An accountant or financial expert will prove useful. Communications this week could take you ahead in your projects, but you must avoid misunderstandings.


When you are clear about your goals, you will strive ahead, so ensure you know your targets, and you will not fail to reach them. Avoid distractions and being over-sensitive. Take vibrant, positive action instead. A trip could be healing.

By Patsy Bennett

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