Your weekly horoscope for 29 December to 4 January

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.

Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


You will relish the chance to boost your work or health circumstances. Meetings, get-togethers and reunions should be uplifting, although you may be surprised by some of them. A commitment to a clever plan in the first week of January should work. Happy New Year!


You’ll connect with like-minded people this week; some meetings may even be therapeutic or include a healthy boost. You may be inclined to work with helpful organisations and people. A commitment in the new year could be ideal.


Get set for a fresh start as you turn a corner into the new year. New beginnings will revolve mostly around work; for some, around health, holidays and finding more vibrancy in life. A commitment with someone you share duties with could be ideal.


You’ll enjoy an adventure such as a holiday; for some, simply the time to indulge in your favourite activities and people, some of which may be healing, too. A partner or work may require a commitment, or the need to alter an understanding.


You’ll relish the opportunity to share your space, resources or duties in a new way. This may relate to your space at home. A fresh obligation or understanding with someone over work, health or personal matters could be fruitful in 2019.


A sociable weekend will catch you in a positive frame of mind for the New Year. Someone may ask for your help, or reveal a vulnerability. You’ll appreciate the chance to set some ground rules at home or with someone close.


You’ll appreciate the chance to boost your health – or to help someone boost theirs. Developments at home should be pleasant, with time spent in a new environment or with a visitor. A major decision could be made in the new year.


You’ll enjoy a pleasant change of environment. A healthy boost is possible, which may arise in unexpected ways. A change of routine will be beneficial, so plan for days off where possible. You’ll feel ready to make a decision or commitment. 


A reunion or a return to an old haunt will be enjoyable. A financial or personal matter is moving into a new phase, so ensure you’re happy with the details. Misunderstandings are likely, so avoid taking other people’s comments personally.


An important watershed may occur this week, and the timing couldn’t be better as you approach the new year! A change of environment at home and the chance to meet a new circle will appeal. A fresh routine may be ideal.


Certain duties and commitments will take your focus in the new year, but beforehand, you will get the chance to enjoy empowering events. Ensure you organise a favourite activity. A reunion may be ideal. Avoid overspending this weekend.


When you look after yourself and others, your week will blossom. You’ll enjoy a trip or simply the opportunity to boost your health. A sociable weekend will appeal and, in the New Year, a meeting or work development could be ideal.

By Patsy Bennett

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