Your weekly horoscope for 22 to 28 December

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.

Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


This weekend’s solstice and Cancer Full Moon will put the focus on communications and relationships. The more nurturing and also outgoing you are, the more you are likely to enjoy a trip. Key news will put the spotlight on a favourite interest or person.


A fresh phase will begin financially. You may be ready to change the parameters of your banking or budget, and for some, this will be in connection with developments regarding the way you share your space at home or your duties.


This weekend’s Full Moon suggests a new chapter in your personal life will begin. You may hear key news from a partner (business or personal), at work or regarding a change of routine or health. Avoid misunderstandings on Tuesday.


Ideal circumstances are likely to unfold for you, as you turn a corner in a work and personal context. Collaborations and negotiations are the key to success. A family project will take much of your focus. Avoid mix-ups on Tuesday.


Developments at home are likely to take much of your focus this week. You’ll enjoy the connection with family, even if logistics seem challenging at first. Keep communications clear for best results. You’ll enjoy bringing more romance into your life.


This time of year can add pressure on you to make everything seem perfect, so avoid unreal expectations. Good communication skills are the key to happiness now. You’ll enjoy adding beauty to your environment but at all costs you must avoid overspending and excess.


A lovely get-together this weekend will boost your self-esteem and happiness. Music, dance, romance and music will be the real triggers. If shopping, avoid overspending. On Tuesday, a complex communication may be trying, so aim to keep things clear. Avoid gambling.


An enjoyable weekend awaits. Avoid overspending though. Key financial developments could help you decide how to move forward with joint duties. A new chapter is about to begin where a nurturing approach to those you share assets and duties with may suit.


You’re likely to hear key news or take a memorable trip this weekend. A fresh chapter in a partnership (business or personal) is about to begin. If you will miss someone on Christmas Day, make a plan now already to connect in some way.


This weekend’s Full Moon signals a fresh daily routine for you, where you may feel more nurturing of others and, in turn, should feel more supported. A trip or get-together this weekend could be ideal. Avoid excesses on Christmas Day.


You’ll appreciate an ego boost this weekend. If you’re working, you may also experience a career or financial boost. For some, this week is more about treating yourself well. A fresh chapter in your family life will begin, where caring for each other is key.


A fresh chapter in a domestic, family or property matter is on the cards for you; for some, this week will include the chance to truly rest and self-nurture. Spiritual interests, study or travel could assume a fresh intensity.

By Patsy Bennett

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