Your weekly horoscope for 15 to 21 December

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.

Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


The more positive you are, the more likely you will enjoy your week. You are in the middle of change and so this is a time when projects can blossom when they are tended to optimistically. Ensure you boost your energy levels.


Be adventurous and aim to stride ahead in new collaborations, as some lovely agreements could be made this week. However, if you feel you are at cross-purposes with someone special, it’s important to voice this before it becomes an issue.


An out-of-the-ordinary or exciting collaboration could take you into new territory. Be prepared to innovate and try new ideas. You may be asked to support someone else, or to stretch yourself. If you feel challenged, ensure you boost your health, too.


It’s an excellent time for adventurous projects. Be positive. There are logistical aspects to the week that may try your patience. You may be ready to consider a fresh daily health routine, or try something new in your work schedule.


This is an excellent week to invest in your interpersonal relationships to ensure they flourish over the coming weeks. A commitment will require you to be diligent, but the rewards will be evident. Someone may need your help, or vice-versa.


You’ll discover who values you – and who you value the most. This week, someone will need your help; perhaps you have something to teach them, or they may be unwell – or vice versa. A financial or romantic improvement is possible.


The need for a healthier routine will motivate you to improve your daily schedule. This is a good week for health appointments and to create more peace at home. A financial boost may arise. A change of routine towards Friday could be ideal.


You’ll enjoy get-togethers with family or like-minded people. You’ll enjoy a reunion and the chance to spend time on your favourite activities. You may be repaid a debt. A change of routine or news towards Friday may be unexpected.


Mercury in Sagittarius will bring important news or travel your way. You’ll enjoy the opportunity to broaden your horizons work-wise. You may be repaid a debt and will enjoy a reunion or even an ego boost. Avoid taking others’ behaviour personally.


You’ll enjoy the seasonal cheer, and especially the chance to socialise. A trip could even take you somewhere inspiring. However, if someone disappoints you, avoid taking their random comments to heart; a pleasant surprise should raise your spirits.


A project will boost your confidence and your efforts may well be recognised. An old friend or an ex may be in touch unexpectedly. If finances are short, remember you can spread Christmas cheer in many ways, not just financially.


You’ll appreciate the chance to spend time with your friends and family, and in your favourite environment. Travel or a surprise at work should boost your mood. Any frustrating developments or delays towards Thursday needn’t dampen your big-picture spirit.

By Patsy Bennett

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