Your weekly horoscope for 1 to 7 December

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.

Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


The key to success this week lies in good communication skills and multi-tasking. You’ll appreciate the chance to review a special relationship. Don’t miss a travel or study opportunity. It’s a good week to boost health and to avoid escapism.


A change of routine may be equal part refreshing; and equal part unsettling. Plan activities ahead as the way you share resources such as space at home or finances, may be about to change. Be super-clear in your negotiations for best results. 


Next Friday’s New Moon suggests a fresh agreement is about to unfurl, especially for May and early June Twins. All Twins will benefit from being clear with negotiations now. A fresh understanding with friends or family is also on the cards.


A change of circumstance may be exciting, but if it is unsettling, take the time to adapt to new variables. An adventurous step will be taken, for some at work; for others in your personal life. Be brave; this is a therapeutic week.


An exciting change of environment will present fresh dynamics in your relationships. But if you feel restless, ensure your actions are based on reason, not fear. A fresh chapter is beginning at home. Don’t be afraid to be assertive.


An exciting trip, for some involving study; for others, finances or family, could open doors. Be prepared to weigh your options and be ready for fresh circumstances. You could boost finances and a relationship, but must be super-clear with communications.


Be prepared for someone unpredictable to behave true to form. You may even find you must go over old ground to establish new rules or a fresh understanding. A financial matter is best approached with a long-term view.


Weigh up the long-term benefits of a change of routine, especially at work and regarding a relationship. You have an excellent opportunity to boost your health. A fresh financial chapter could be fortunate if you avoid gambling.


Next Friday’s Sagittarian New Moon suggests a key turning point for you, especially if it’s your birthday. If you’re unsure of domestic or family matters, consider your options in light of health and wellbeing, and choose the most therapeutic option.


A change of circumstance may be exciting or even a surprise. You’ll enjoy a visit and the opportunity to touch base with family and friends, which may even be therapeutic. Avoid misunderstandings and delays by planning ahead.


An impromptu change of circumstance this weekend should be exciting, but if it involves difficult choices, ensure you consider the best-case scenario and don’t be afraid to take matters in hand. You’ll gain an adventurous outlook by considering your true priorities.


The key to success this week involves being prepared for adventure. A trip, change at work or a change of heart will ask that you press ahead without confusion and in the most practical way, especially regarding loved ones and organisations.

By Patsy Bennett

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