Your weekly horoscope for 24 to 30 Nov

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.



This is a good time to consider both your financial and emotional investments. New agreements can be made now. You’re likely to gain a fresh perspective concerning long-term duties and commitments, such as your commitment to your own health and vitality. 


You may be feeling escapist this weekend, and this mood will stimulate romance and indulgence in all good things. Just avoid running away from unavoidable truths as key decisions made with a partner, business or personal, could steer you in the right direction.


You’ll receive news to do with health, work and finances, this week, and this could be pivotal in your long-term plans. Consider which qualities you would like to promote in your life, and which you can safely consign to the past.


Healthy discussion is the key to moving forward this week; certain groups, friends and organisa-tions could help you progress, especially with a family or personal matter and a creative project. You must avoid holding on to the past.


Be prepared to turn a corner in your career and general direction and, for some Leos, due to changes that lead you to see certain relationships in a new light. Developments will be therapeutic; you’ll see things clearly once the dust settles.


News should positively affect your relationships and health. Take the time to process developments and look before you leap, especially at work. The good news is that romance could flourish this weekend as Neptune will highlight what – and who - matters most to you now.


Look for the opportunity to improve your daily routine, health and work circumstances. Developments could boost all three areas. Consider your true priorities and pursue these; avoid procrastinating but instead, make decisions based on your values.


Follow your dreams, but don’t forget the practicalities! There are work, domestic and health matters that you must pursue. But there’s also the opportunity to gain a foothold in an important area of your life that could boost your self-esteem or finances. 


Prepare to enter fresh territory. This will revolve chiefly around work; but for some, around health and wellbeing. Be creative and follow your instincts; you may even be surprised by some of the insights and revelations you uncover.


An exciting chapter may involve being more outgoing socially; and being ready for a fresh family dynamic. Consider making your home a real ‘relax haven’ and unwind. Key news from your past, or concerning work or health, will stimulate change.


This is an excellent week to alter your schedules at home or at work to find the space for your real priorities – these being the activities you love and the people you value. A fresh domestic or work routine will boost your happiness.


It’s time for adventure; to broaden your perspective through travel, spirituality or study. A fresh perspective of your own environment will arise. But be careful with decisions; if they’re based on assumptions, and not facts, you could make mistakes now.

By Patsy Bennett

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