Your weekly horoscope for 17 to 23 Nov

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Avoid those unwanted surprises, and rather be in the know. Read your weekly horoscope here.
Everything you need to know for your upcoming week.


You could truly excel. But if you feel your efforts are challenged by a group or organisation, take time to boost your self-esteem and vitality. A fresh financial phase is waiting in the wings. New agreements will open doors to exciting collaborations.


While you have the ability to form harmonious relationships, you may experience a challenge towards Friday. This will prove to strengthen your resolve even if, at first, you feel disappointed. Ensure your communications are clear for best results.


Next Friday’s Gemini Full Moon signals an opportunity to turn a corner. This will revolve around work and health and, for some, around a project or belief. A financial matter could take your focus. Avoid mystery and confusion by being super-clear.


You’ll appreciate seeing the results of your hard work. Friday’s Full Moon suggests you’re ready for something new in your social and work life; to begin a fresh chapter where sharing duties or even finances may require adjustments. 


There are many therapeutic aspects this week; you should experience an uplifting event. A financial or personal matter is likely to take a new turn. You may experience a change of heart. Take the time to discuss long-term plans to avoid mix-ups.


You’re entering fresh territory at work, financially or with health matters. You may consider returning to an old haunt or a reunion. News or a meeting with a friend or organisation could be therapeutic. Get set to plan a fresh financial budget.


A fresh chapter will begin in the way you share resources such as finances, taxes or duties. Your position, either at work or in your big-picture status, is the focus, so ensure you are clear about your aims, and then uncertainties will dissipate. 


You’ll turn a corner in a partnership, business or personal. This may align with with your beliefs and ideas, but if not, prepare to be more focused on your own priorities. Avoid gambling, emotionally and financially, because this will create uncertainty.


The Sun will enter your sign next Thursday, so prepare to focus more on yourself; on your health and daily routine. Deal with a domestic matter carefully, to avoid adding confusion to a mystery. Avoid taking an unpredictable person’s behaviour personally.


You’ll make headway despite some paperwork or communications being delayed. You should gain direction by avoiding confusing conversations. A fresh daily routine, at work or regarding health, will appeal. A friend or group will prove helpful.


You’ll appreciate the chance to reconsider a financial or personal decision. Friday’s Full Moon points to a fresh chapter in your personal life which may be determined by developments at work. Travel and adventure will appeal; plan ahead to avoid delays.


You’ll be motivated by adventure and should stride ahead at work and improve health. Take the time to enjoy romance. Avoid conflict, as this may arise from different expectations. Be patient, as not everyone has the same motivation as you now.

By Patsy Bennett 

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