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Be it a dedicated room or a desk nook; breathe some life into your home office space in 2019.
Whether you have a home office because you work remotely or because corporate responsibilities spill over past the usual 9-to-5 working day, your work space should be an area that inspires you. 


Why not bring the outdoors in with beautiful evergreen (and forever-lasting) plants. Artificial plants are completely maintenance free, so they’ll take no time away from your busy schedule. They bring in pops of needed greenery and are the perfect way to spruce up a plain and simple room.

It's lit

Lighting can make a big difference to a small space by creating an ambiance. Invest in a desk lamp that adds warmth and sets the mood if fluorescent lighting is not your thing. Depending on your theme, a chic black design offers a contemporary and professional look.


Don’t be afraid to borrow bits and pieces from other rooms in your home. Repurpose that vase sent by a client as a stationery holder on your desk, or for organising wrapping paper or charts. If you’re not into lots of colour, go for variations in texture; it adds visual interest.


You may be sitting behind a computer screen or crunching numbers all day, but when you look up you still want to enjoy your space – right? Fill empty wall space with framed artwork that inspires you or crowd your walls with everything you love.


Craving a subtle yet effective change? Up the cosiness factor of your office space by adding a scatter cushion or two to vacant chairs. Accents of colour or variations of texture are the easiest ways to instantly change the mood of a room.

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